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Kasım, 2016 tarihine ait yayınlar gösteriliyor


Despite, empoyment is so high, interest rates so low and dolar and euro price so high you want live in Turkey you must know that. Immovable property in our country and the granting of limited right of residence does not give a direct residence permit.
Depending on your purpose of stay in Turkey you may be able to apply. Study you can get a residence.
You need special permission from the Ministry of the interior for this.90 days in 180 days with a visa in Turkey. There is a ban on entry and fines the reason for the expiration. You will receive a referance number on the day you apply to the embassy with the company's activity certificate trade registry gazette, visa form , one phograph, orginal and photocopy of passport after they will send code your company needs apply online. 
A child born in Turkey is not a Turkish citizen . To be a Turkish citizien you have to be from a Turkish mother or father.

Foreigners who marry with Turkish citizen may apply for entry to Turkish citizenship t…